New Jersey Biology Competency Test

Starting with the 2011 administration, the New Jersey End of Course Biology exam has been renamed to the New Jersey Biology Competency Test (NJBCT).

Assessment Activities

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What's New
  • The NJ ASK/NJBCT Combined DTC Training will be held as scheduled for Wednesday, March 15, 2017. Please plan to attend if you are registered.
  • The online versions of the May 2017 Your Guide to the New Jersey BCT and the May 2017 Student Preparation Booklet have been posted below in the Documents and Downloads section of this page for your reference. The printed versions will be shipped to your district later in the Fall 2016 semester.
  • Because of the limited number of NJBCT Performance Assessment Tasks (PAT) available for use, operational PATs for 2011 forward will not be released. The 2010 PATs are available in the ‘Documents and Downloads’ section below on this page.
  • SID (NJSMART) - for assistance with SID numbers, please contact the NJ SMART Helpdesk at (800) 254-0295 or e-mail or visit the NJDOE website at the following web address:
Important Dates
AdministrationDateWhat's Happening
2017Sept. 20 - Oct. 20, 2016Online Material Survey (OMS) and Pre-ID Labels Are Active
2017Feb. 14-28, 2017Online Registration for Live DTC Training Sessions
2017March 13-17, 2017DTC Training
2017Apr. 19 - May 5, 2017Authorization to Receive Secure Test Materials form available
2017Apr. 26 - May 3, 2017NJBCT test materials delivered to districts by courier
2017May 31 - June 1, 2017NJBCT Regular Testing Dates
2017June 7-8, 2017NJBCT Make-up Testing Dates
2017June 13-29, 2017Courier picks up NJ ASK and NJBCT secure nonscorable test booklets together
2017Jul. 7 - Aug. 4, 2017Record Change Roster (RCR) available