New Jersey Assessment Of Skills And Knowledge

The NJ ASK Science assessment will be administered to all New Jersey public school students in grades 4 and 8.

Assessment Activities

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What's New
  • SID (NJSMART) - for assistance with SID numbers, please contact the NJ SMART Helpdesk at (800) 254-0295 or e-mail or visit the NJDOE website at the following web address:
Important Dates
AdministrationDateWhat's Happening
2017Sept. 30 - Nov. 16, 2016Online Material Survey available - Order Test Materials
2017Sept. 30 - Nov. 16, 2016Pre-ID Labels Are Active
2017Jan. 26 – Feb. 8, 2017NJ ASK Parent, Student Teacher Guides arrive in Districts
2017Feb. 14-28, 2017Online Registration for Live DTC Training Sessions
2017March 13-17, 2017DTC Training
2017May 1-25, 2017Authorization to Receive Secure Test Materials form available
2017May 9-23, 2017NJ ASK test materials arrive in districts
2017May 31, 2017Grades 4 & 8 Regular Testing
2017June 7, 2017Grades 4 & 8 Make-up Testing
2017July 5-21, 2017Record Change Roster (RCR) available
2017Dec. 29, 2017Final day to get 2017 E-Reports on the website